Thinking Out Loud 109: Trunkin’ It


Do I really have to write THAT story? Elisabeth and Merianna talk about how to write the tough parts of the story and how to recover after you write about difficult subject matters. They also talk about trashing the dress and leaving stories floating in the cosmos for other writers to capture. Show Notes The …

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Thinking Out Loud 108: Whose head am I in?


“Elisabeth”and “Merianna” talk about head hopping, naming characters, and feminism. They also talk finally, finally about the ending of Allegiant and what Veronica Roth is working on now.  The reasons you were not promoted that are totally unrelated to gender | McSweeneys  A Conversation with Whales | NY Times Spartanburg Humane Society Is Rey’s name …

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Thinking Out Loud 107: Hey, I Know A Writer!


Elisabeth and Merianna talk about what to do when opportunities get dropped in your lap, the dangers of comparing yourself to other people, and who to listen to. Ray Bradbury said, “jump off the cliff and learn how to make wings on the way down.” So, why not jump? Mentioned: Elizabeth Gilbert how to say …

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Thinking Out Loud 106: Introducing…


Elisabeth and Merianna talk about the art of writing and the powerful way writing can impact people’s lives. Why are you scared to share your story? There’s someone out there who needs to read it. Start introducing yourself! Mentioned: Camp Nano Poor Writing Skills Are Costing Business Billions Computer Writes Novels Her Writers on Writing …

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Thinking Religion 73: Unknown Futures

Uncertain Futures

Dr. Thomas Whitley and Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss the future of medium sized churches, marketing to millennials, and the role of self-selecting in our identity formations. Mentioned: Lotteries: America’s Shame | The Atlantic Facebook Live | FB Pope Francis’ Amoris Laetitia | NY Times The Shrinking PhD Job Market | IHE Mashable laid off politics team and …

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Thinking Religion 71: Something About Easter?


Dr. Thomas Whitley and Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss the how apocalyptic religious movements become religions, insider and outsider language, the uniqueness of christianities, their ongoing personal revelations about privilege, and the intertextuality of Trump. Mentioned: David Koresh | Wikipedia Prof. Elizabeth A. Clarke | Amazon Microsoft learns a valuable lesson about the internet | MarketWatch Last Days …

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