Thinking Out Loud 92: Let’s Talk About Self-Editing

Elisabeth is joined by author Stacy N. Sergent this week (Merianna is out for family leave) to talk about great pups, NaNoWriMo, writing as a lonesome experience and also a communal experience, the role of editing, and the psychological flow of being a writer.

Thinking Out Loud 91: Homemade Root Beer


Elisabeth is joined by UNC’s own Molly McConnell this week (Merianna is on maternity leave). They dive deep into the nature of reading, writing, and spicy beverages.

Thinking Out Loud 90: Creating the Feels

Elisabeth and Merianna talk about the importance of including and invoking emotions in readers. They discuss what they have to overcome as writers in order to cause suffering for their characters and create whole, full characters. Of course, they also talk about dogs, leaf blowers, and Baby Harrelson imminent arrival (who arrived on November 12, 2015 after this show was recorded!).

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Thinking Out Loud 89: Camaraderie Over Word Counts

Elisabeth and Merianna talk about the power of collaboration, especially during NanoWrimo. They talk about how much confidence is instilled when you connect into a network of people. They also discuss how women writers have been made more of an appearance in the publishing world and why that is.

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Thinking Religion 57: We Can’t Stop and We Won’t Stop


Thomas and Sam discuss the role of N.C. State as an upsetter along with the role of religion in presidential politics with talk about private and public hermeneutics of the 2016 candidates (and the weather in Tallahassee).

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Thinking Out Loud 88: Toughening Up


Elisabeth and Merianna follow up their conversation from last week about the importance of protecting your content. Then, they recount their experiences at recent conferences and how they are learning that they need to be tougher with the authors they work with in order to help authors put their best work into the world. They also talk about upcoming NanoWrimo and their plans to write, write, write!

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Thinking Religion: The Bible Doesn’t Speak for Itself


Thomas and Sam discuss research and sermon prep with Evernote, every day carry, church history puns, translations and interpretations, fundamentalism, personal hermeneutics, and Synodal spin.

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Thinking 35: Amanda Palmer’s Marketing (and What You Can Learn From Her)

On this special episode of Thinking, Sam is joined by Elisabeth, Thomas, and Merianna (the other Thinking.FM podcasters) for a roundtable / Superfriends discussion of whether or not Amanda F. Palmer is a marketing genius. Along the way, they discuss the right and wrong ways to promote yourself whether you’re an artist, musician, author, professor, or civilian.

Thinking Out Loud 87: Own Your Own Content


Elisabeth, Merianna, and Sam talk about the commodity of content and how authors should disseminate that information. They advise authors that they shouldn’t help the rich get richer, but help build their own audience.

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Thinking Religion 55: Just Performatives and Adjectives


Thomas Whitley and (Rev.) Sam Harrelson discuss Star Wars, Papal politics, purity culture, halal tourism, and whether Joe Biden is Frank Underwood or a devout person of faith this week.

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