ThinkingDaily: I Am a Breathing Time Machine

Sam gets back into podcasting with a new ThinkingDaily (first of many) to kick off 2012.

Among the topics of getting back into podcasting and the general ideas for Thinking.FM, Sam discusses affiliate marketing, music, teaching and podcasting.


My Little Vinny
Affiliate Summit
Best Blogger
Mr Pink
Shawn’s AffiliateThing Misquote about Caeser’s
Piezo and Jangro
Jim’s Video Thing
Kai Ryssdal (cannot unsee)
My Student Podcasts

About 15 minutes and change.

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  • Coincidentally, I was listening to your 11/1/11 ThinkingDaily last night while you were likely getting this one ready.  (Took me a while to notice that, sorry, I’ve had my head in TextMate for a few months)

    I hope you can get the ball rolling on this.  I enjoy it.  Is the name, ThinkingDaily too much pressure to do a daily podcast?  Think of it as a less frequent podcast about thinking daily.

    • Tried TextMate 2 yet? Not impressed so far 🙂

      Thanks for the kind words! Means the world to me, of course. Love doing this, just a matter of making time for it in the daily ebb and flow.

      Your comment gives me the resolve to do so!

      • I haven’t tried TM 2 yet.  TM is too critical to my development workflow to mess with it right now.  

        That’s disappointing to hear that you’re unimpressed.

  • Devin T

    Great podcast… been thinking about making a podcast myself, particularly for Upstate Thinkers (coming back soon… working like a dog to get folks involved, designing, etc.). One thing I’m not a huge fan of is the ad in the sidebar. I love the concept of monetizing sites and trying to make some cash off a hobby of yours, but I don’t quite see as the type of site that displays advertisements. If anything, go GeekCast-style and do in-podcast adverts. But not display advertising. Please. Great podcast though!

    • Got it taken care of… No worries.

      • Devin T

        Ha…..huge pet peeve of mine since I think deserves better than a CPA ad for QuickBooks.

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