ThinkingDaily: Regrets

Sam brings the beat back with a ThinkingDaily about the borders, the iPad 3, and regrets… gadgets, music and books.


NC/SC Charlotte Border Finally Settled
iPad 3?
Nokia N800
Kindle Gen 1
Jawbone Jambox
Steely Dan
Don Delillo

About 20 mins and change.

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  • Kindle Gen 2. I bought it 3 weeks before the price was slashed and only shortly before they released their next model. I read maybe 1 whole book on it, because I thought it was going to be great for reading PDFs since I have to read a lot of journal articles. But any book I care enough to read I want to own a hard copy of so my Kindle sat on my bookshelf, getting dusty. My iPad handles PDFs much better than the Kindle ever did and I gave my Kindle to my mom and she loves it and uses it almost daily. Good gift for her, bad purchase for me.