ThinkingTech: Failing Safely Online

Sam and Merianna return with an episode tackling the main issue of how to fail safely for parents, children, students, teachers and most anyone.

Google Sync
Release the QAQN Parents
Threw It On the Ground
Digital Literacy
Atticus Finch and Democratized Parenting
Failing Safely
Gradual Release of One-Way Responsibility and Trust
Digital IS

The show runs about 63 minutes and change.

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  • I want to throw my Facebook on the wall and hit it with a hammer. I really do 😀

    You’re right, I did back Greg’s opinion up a little bit, not completely, but I also agreed with what Drew said, which is exactly in line with what you guys thought about it. Going on the assumption that it wasn’t a hoax: it *was* overkill. But there have been a lot of assumptions about the damage it did the the daughter, the lack of parenting skills, and the quality of home life. We heard a lot of “well, why didn’t he try talking????” – how do we know he didn’t? I think the assumption is that he didn’t try talking because if he had, it would have worked and he wouldn’t have had to shoot the laptop. But talking doesn’t always work, whether it’s kids, teenagers or adults.

    I think that a lot of people are having a really strong reaction simply because a lot of people have a visceral reaction to guns. If he had used a sledgehammer, I have no doubt that it wouldn’t have gone viral and that a large (like 80-90%) portion of the protesters wouldn’t be saying two words about it.

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