ThinkingReligion 20: True Essence Of Identity

Thomas and Sam return for ThinkingReligion’s 2014 debut. The show will be recording weekly on Tuesday nights (except for the next two weeks which will be on Monday nights… more on the calendar).

In this episode, Thomas and Sam start with a conversation about Martin Luther King Jr’s birthday and our attempts to both celebrate and understand how his work still impacts us in our various walks of life (beyond a sale at the local department store). That leads to a fascinating conversation about the notions of canonicity, authority, and whether or not we need a common foundation of texts and traditions to bind us together.

In short… does Christianity need a canon? Is the canon still open? Could books be added to the New Testament in the coming years?

Listen to find out.

Apologies for the audio quality of this podcast. It’s well below our normal levels. We wrestled with a computer failure and a number of gremlins (don’t feed them chicken after midnight) in our recording software and we ended up with a lower bitrate than we’d like. However, this was a great show and if you bear with it, you’ll enjoy. We’ll do better next week.

Show Notes:

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Martin Luther King Jr and the Identity of Politics of Celebration – Thomas Whitley

Duck Dynasty and the Struggle Over Christianity – ABP News by Thomas

The Scientist – Coldplay

Thomas Was Right About Marcion

The Beauty and Perils of Unity – Chad Gardner (a must read blog, btw)

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