ThinkingOutLoud 4: Entering Crystal Cave

In this episode, Merianna and Elisabeth discuss how to get started as a writer and what the biggest hindrances are to writing. They discuss writing spaces and why the incubation process is so important when starting a new project.

Show Notes:

Do it Yourself: Tools and Techniques for Serious Writers

Neil Gaiman’s Writing Gazebo

You Don’t Need Neil Gaiman’s Writing Gazebo

Crystal Cave

What Elisabeth’s Reading:
Stephen King’s On Writing
Neil Stephenson’s Snow Crash

What Merianna’s Reading:
Neil Gaiman’s American Gods
John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines

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*Apologies for the sound quality on this podcast… the main microphone recording failed so we had to resort to a backup from the computer mic. It has a little echo but is better than the alternative of no recording!

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