ThinkingOutLoud 15: If the Zombies Attack, I Will Die

Elisabeth and Merianna discuss how the world of books and movies and TV impact how we view life. For Elisabeth, her new found love of running was inspired by the realization that if the zombies attacked, she would die because she wouldn’t be fast enough and running away from a chance to meet Matt Smith because she needed him to remain Dr. Who. For Merianna, it means that she views all of Connecticut through the eyes of The Gilmore Girls and has no real desire to visit the sets in LA. Join them as they wander between the world of story and reality!

Show Notes:

Lenny (Of Mice and Men)

Veronica Mars Movie Trailer

George Martin Creative Process

50 Shades of Grey Selling Statistics

Elizabeth Gilbert Interview On Writing the Novel of a Lifetime

Madeline L’Engle Books

Diane Keaton Let’s Just Say It Wasn’t Pretty

Jon Hamm Big DateĀ 

Petra Temple of the Sun

Star Wars Abandon Books

What Elisabeth Just Finished Reading

What Merianna Just Finished Reading

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