Thinking Religion: The Problem with Rob Bell and C.S. Lewis

This week, Thomas and Sam rekindle the Thinking Religion flame with an hour long look into the pressing religious issues of the day in a candid talk that doesn’t shy away from the things you were told not to discuss at the dinner table.

Show Notes:

Obama and Islam

The Obama Prayer Breakfast ’15

Obama’s Statements About Violent Extremism Part 1 and Part 2

Burning Effigies For Lent! (or Art and Resistance)

Does Lent Mean Giving Up or Taking On?

Rob Bell on Gays and Church Relevance

Truett Prof Roger Olson Asks Cooperative Baptist Fellowship to Drop Moderate Label


Art Repatriation?

  • Ethical concerns?
  • Provenance
  • Who “owns” the artifacts? Who should?
  • How does the history of colonialism play into this?
  • How does digitization play into this?
  • Gospel of Jesus’ Wife

The show runs an action packed 65 minutes long and will be sure to stimulate your brain and your faith.

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