Thinking Religion: Everybody Should Be Listening to Jodi Magness or The Buzzfeedification of Biblical Archaeology

What is the nature of religion’s role in the history of ideas? Should atheists or people of other faiths talk about a faith community in which they don’t participate? Is there a looming backlash against critical thinking in regards to religion? How is bibilical archaeology hurt by the need to validate itself?

And what does Stephen Colbert have to do with Lent?

Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson tackle these questions and many more in this week’s Thinking Religion.

Show Notes

Colbert and Lent

Rameses Tablet

Jesus’ House is Found?!

Libnah is Found… wait where is Libnah?

Oh Say Can You Sea of Galilee

Giving Biblical Archaeology a Bad Name with Pop Lists

Jodi Magness Presents Masada’s Seige

Religion’s Role in the History of Ideas

Bart Ehrman and Teaching About Confessional Ideas and Critical Academic Work

Hunger Games, Fragile The System, and Religious Extremism

Review of Zealot

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