Thinking Daily: When Are You Guys Having a Baby?


(these fish have manners)

Is it polite to ask a woman if they are pregnant? What is the etiquette involved in satisfying your curiosity about a woman or couple’s child bearing status and possible due date? How does Facebook ruin our manners?

Show Notes

BuzzFeed’s “6 Ways To Ask Someone If They Are Pregnant”

8 Questions To Ask Yourself Before You Ask A Woman If She Is Pregnant

Discussion on Etiquette Hell Forum: A Polite Way to Find Out If She’s Pregnant! 

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  • Elisabeth

    So, do you really think social media has anything to do with your perception of the rise of people asking that question? Or is it because you are of an age where society/people expect that you have children that you are feeling the frequency of it?

    Because I feel like people are always asking… have always asked that question… because it’s expected that you, as a hetero person from a dominant society, should be having children… and so if you’re not meeting that societal expectation, it precipitates the question.

    I have been asked that question for the past 12 years of marriage… and when I tell them we’re NOT having children… people are shocked/moderately amused/disbelieving/judgmental/pitying… even one DOCTOR responded that way and encouraged me to reconsider because I wouldn’t always be able to.

    I just wonder if you’ll find that the frequency of the question tapers off as you and your wife get past the age of childbearing.