Thinking Religion: Buff Jesus (or, What’s Prophecy Got To Do With It?)


“Here, brah. I made you some gluten free protein whey no-carb bread substitute.”
“Jesus. That looks terrible, Caucasian Fabio Joshua. I doubt your cooking skills.”
“Shhh, Thomas…Don’t doubt me, brah.”

Prof. Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson attempt to bring some thoughtfulness to the topic of religion again this week with a discussion of their new documentary, self-image, religion scholars and the media, who are the top Christians in the US, and what prophecy means.

This Week’s Topics

  • A.D. The Bible Continues is a terrible show
  • Self-image and biblical interpretation
  • Buff Jesus wants you to stop doubting, Thomas
  • Brick Testament
  • Why do scholars do TV?
  • Who are the top 100 Christians in the US?
  • How can you be a Christian and live with capitalism?
  • More on the Sea Peoples
  • CNN goes colonialist about Ethiopian Christianity
  • Bart Ehrman is writing a new book about Jesus before the Gospels
  • Thomas and Sam’s “Discovering the Ancient World” documentary

Thought Piece: What makes a prophet in the 21st century?

Show Notes

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Thought Piece: What Is a Prophet?

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