Thinking Religion: Hermeneutic of Suspicion

Prof. Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson attempt to bring some thoughtfulness to the topic of religion again this week with discussions of encyclicals, Perry’s campaign, victim mentality, church satellite campuses, Revelation and Paul, and reading the Bible.

This Week’s Topics

  • This Week in Beards
  • “So let’s talk about the Pope”
  • What’s an Encyclical?
  • Rubio’s religious journey
  • Perry the Platypus
  • Chauvinism, Molestation, Victim Mentality, and Christianity
  • “Preach at main campus, fly to satellite campus, preach, fly back to main campus and preach again”
  • Reading the Bible to agree with your position
  • “Sin is a category that is socially constructed.”
  • Hermeneutic of Suspicion
  • Will we “invade” ISIS?
  • Was Revelation anti-Paul?

Show Notes

Religion In The News

Ancient Religion


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