Thinking Religion: Charleston, Confederate, Climate

Religion and Politics

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Prof. Thomas Whitley and Sam Harrelson attempt to bring some thoughtfulness to the topic of religion again this week with discussions of pastor ratings, cooperative baptists, church marketing to men, papal encyclicals, new perspectives on Paul, how ancients used dates, and what’s next after the tragedy in Charleston last week.

This Week’s Topics

  • Why would you have a cake if you didn’t want to eat it?
  • The Climate Change-Abortion Connection You Never Knew Existed
  • Grumpy Cooperative Baptists
  • Church Marketing to Men
  • Crossfit for Jesus
  • The New, New Perspective on Paul
  • ISIS and Palmyra Update
  • What is there to protest?
  • No more Confederate gear at Wal-Mart
  • NASCAR and racism
  • Cynicism and political expediency
  • Can we be colorblind when it comes to race?

Show Notes

Religion In The News

Ancient Religion

Thought Piece


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