Thinking Out Loud 78: Working Against Deadlines, and Word Counts


Elisabeth has a new microphone, and Merianna just broke an expensive pair of professional recording headphones. They discuss the importance of writing for writing’s sake despite the pressure of deadlines, word counts, and editors as they work on their own writing projects outside of their day jobs. When is the right time to push through and complete a chapter and when should you leave a story? Listen to this week’s Thinking Out Loud and hear Elisabeth’s and Merianna’s thoughts!

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Show Notes

What Elisabeth and Merianna are Reading

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  • fairbetty

    BTW, listeners, I was totally wrong about the word count for my anthology submission. It’s a 6000 word limit… and I wrote 7600. In general, you shouldn’t expect to submit over the amount and have it accepted… I happen to be super lucky that the anthology is willing to work with me and I don’t have to cut out 1600 words from the story!