Thinking Religion 93: “All we have to do now is to take these lies and make them true (somehow)”

Thomas and Sam kick off the 2017 season of Thinking Religion.

  • New Years Resolutions
  • Try a New Years Revolution | NY Times
  • On Giving Donald Trump a Chance | Marginalia
  • Sam’s January 1 “sermon”I think I realize now that the author chose to include the massacre of the infants in the nativity story of Jesus to establish not only Jesus’ claims to being the Messiah or to connect Jesus with Moses and the Exodus, but also to plant the seed that Jesus was born into a broken world that has always slaughtered innocents and still does. Jesus’ challenge to the authority of his time ended with his own slaughtering.”
  • TIG Mod | ThisIsGround
  • TIG Venture Backpack | ThisIsGround
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