Thinking Baptists 20: No One Gets Out Alive


Merianna and Sam talk about how communities of faith create a sense of belonging and what happens when the community encounters a crisis of faith. Do you stay? Do you leave?

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Thinking Religion: Generational Eschatological Expectations

Thomas and Sam discuss their iPhone homescreens, favorite apps, the complexity of generational eschatological expectations, and Christian dating apps.

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Thinking Baptists 18: All The Wands

The Revs. Merianna Neely Harrelson and Sam Harrelson reboot Thinking Baptists with a new episode for the first time in four years. They do a recap of Merianna’s ministerial journey as well as follow up to the last episode of the show with a discussion about women in baptist ministry in 2016. They also cover the topic of pastor search committees, and why the economy isn’t doing young ministers any favors when it comes to finding pastor positions.

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Thinking Religion: The Privilege of Knowing How to Read

Dr. Thomas J. Whitley and The Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss Sam’s use of iPad Pro as his main computer, Evernote, and the privilege of knowing how to read.

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Cast of Geeks 58: Small Wonders

Lisa Picarille, Jim Kukral, Shawn Collins, and Sam Harrelson reunite for an episode of Cast of Geeks. This month, they discuss the future(s) of affiliate marketing, influencer marketing, engagement and Facebook Pages, the rise of messaging, Amazon’s Kindle Store policies, and whether or not augmented reality will catch on with the general public.

Thinking Religion: Consolation of Communication

Dr. Thomas J. Whitley and Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss Big Macs, livestreaming, bastardized religion, and tiny apocalypses.

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Thinking Religion: You Only Want a New Cultural War When You’re Losing the Last One

Dr. Thomas J. Whitley, Rev. Sam Harrelson, and Chad Gardner discuss cultural gnosticism.

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Thinking Religion: An Eclectic Text

Dr. Thomas J. Whitley and Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss the gender politics of Sam’s new personal assistant, language as a power mechanism, a listener question about Paul’s Gospel, and what in the world The Donald is thinking.

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Thinking Religion: The Weird Thing That Happens When You Realize People Know You

Dr. Thomas Whitley and Rev. Sam Harrelson discuss conference outfits and gear, “Uber Boomers,” Thomas’ new leather good, and the need for female leadership in a male dominated society.

Thinking Out Loud 112: Association Does Not Mean Causation

Elisabeth and Merianna talk about writer identities. Are you a plotter or a pantser or perhaps a plantser (like most of us)? They talk about overcoming imposter syndrome and how there is not one way to become a writer. They steal from Dr. Whitley’s great wisdom and conclude association does not mean causation. 

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What are Elisabeth and Merianna reading this week?