ThinkingPolitics 5: Convention Trounce

Andrew and Thomas talk about the DNC, Obama’s convention bounce, who won the convention war, how the two candidates compare on foreign policy, and the Federal Reserve’s announcement of QE3 (whatever that is).

About 83 Minutes


What is Quantitative Easing?

Some Reactions to QE3

Some reading NGDP (National Gross Domestic Product) Targeting

ThinkingPolitics 4: The Good, The Bad and The Eastwood

Andrew and Thomas assess how well Mitt Romney did at the Republican National Convention and look forward to the Democratic National Convention and what President Obama needs to do to win the convention battle.

About an hour and change


Romney Gets No Convention Bounce

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Presidential Race

Andrew and Thomas discuss the role that race is playing in the 2012 election and question whether party platforms really matter.

Mitt Romney: “No one’s ever asked for my birth certificate.”

Race and the 2012 Election

Mitt Romney’s Welfare Ad: “Right Choice”

More Interest in GOP Platform than Romney’s Speech

About an hour and change.

ThinkingPolitics 1: Someone’s Gotta be Right . . .or Left

The inaugural episode of ThinkingPolitics joins Thomas Whitley with co-host Andrew Barnes, friends who are on different ends of the political spectrum. In an attempt to stay away from stereotypes and talking points they discuss how fiscal policy should be made and whether compromise is really such a bad thing.


Political Affiliation and Compromise

About 74 minutes and change