Thinking Tech 8: Which Device Does a 2nd Grader Prefer?

Sam is joined by his daughters, Mary Hudson (age 7) and Laura (age 5) to talk about which devices they prefer for getting things done at both school and home.

Mary Hudson sings the Chromebook’s praises while Laura complains about not having access to Netflix on her Kindle HDX.

Thinking Tech 7: The Technology You Were Born With

Sam Harrelson does a solo show discussing how he sees the evolution of personal computing from the year he was born (1978) to the year his first daughter was born (2007) and how personal computing will be dominated by the mobile experience. As a result, Sam discusses why he enjoys the Android ecosystem more than iOS and why he switched from an iPhone 6 Plus to a Google Nexus a few weeks ago. In the end, we are moving from an iPhone “versus” Android world into an iPhone “and” Android world.

Show Notes


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ThinkingTech 6: Which Kindle Should You Buy?

feature-techspecs._V325436006_Kindles are great devices. I’ve owned various Kindles over the years starting with the very first one in 2007.

Now there are many varieties of Amazon’s e-reader. In this episode of ThinkingTech, we’ll take a look at my two favorites of these devices, the brand new Kindle Voyage and the recently released Kindle Fire HDX 8.9.

Which should you buy?

Listen to find out!

35 minutes and change

ThinkingTech: Why You Should Cut the Cord in 2014

Sam cut the cable cord in 2003. Now 11 years later, he gives a blow by blow of the ups and downs of being a “cord cutter” and why you should consider doing so in 2014. It is much easier to rely on the web to deliver entertainment with devices like the AppleTV, Roku, and ChromeCast now than it was in the past and we’re in the middle of a revolution that will be streamed.

Is this a good thing or a bad thing for viewers and content creators and networks? Find out what Sam thinks here.

Show Notes:


Roku Players

Google’s ChromeCast for $35







NFL Playoffs and SuperBowl Streaming

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ThinkingTech: Failing Safely Online

Sam and Merianna return with an episode tackling the main issue of how to fail safely for parents, children, students, teachers and most anyone.

Google Sync
Release the QAQN Parents
Threw It On the Ground
Digital Literacy
Atticus Finch and Democratized Parenting
Failing Safely
Gradual Release of One-Way Responsibility and Trust
Digital IS

The show runs about 63 minutes and change.