ThinkingEDU 14: Early Literacy

Merianna returns to class(es) as teacher and student and reflects on her experiences of reading, writing and a little bit of ‘rithmetic on ThinkingEDU (and why teachers and students shouldn’t use Blogger).

Specifically, she dives into her time as a 2nd and 3rd grade learning specialist. Then, she shares some ideas she’s encountered on the topic of emergent literacies and how they impact later learning for all children.

TeacherTalk on Posterous

About 20 minutes and change.

ThinkingDaily: I Am a Breathing Time Machine

Sam gets back into podcasting with a new ThinkingDaily (first of many) to kick off 2012.

Among the topics of getting back into podcasting and the general ideas for Thinking.FM, Sam discusses affiliate marketing, music, teaching and podcasting.


My Little Vinny
Affiliate Summit
Best Blogger
Mr Pink
Shawn’s AffiliateThing Misquote about Caeser’s
Piezo and Jangro
Jim’s Video Thing
Kai Ryssdal (cannot unsee)
My Student Podcasts

About 15 minutes and change.

ThinkingEDU 10: Digital Is: Presentation Matters

Merianna discusses the importance of teachers creating their own curriculum, why presentation is important and what teachers and learners can do to have more involvement and ownership over their own educational destiny in ThinkingEDU 10.


Kevin Hodgson
Because Digital Writing Matters

About 20 minutes and change.

ThinkingEDU 9: Virtual Multiplication

ThinkingEDU 9 brings Merianna to your ears via real bits to discuss the current hot-button issue of virtual schooling and learning. Is there a future for learning via the web? Are schools in for a major shift in coming decade? Have we already stepped over that line towards major reform? Merianna discusses the options in this one.


WaPo: Virtual Schools are Multiplying

About 20 minutes and change.

ThinkingEDU 8: Jumping Through Hoops to Integrate Technology

Merianna Neely investigates the ins-and-outs of integrating new technologies in classrooms and points out potential pit-falls and major successes that are possible.


Why Social Media Can and IS Changing Education

The 10 Barries to Technology Adoption

About 20 minutes and change.

ThinkingEDU 7: Where Does Digital Literacy Fit?

Merianna Neely (aka Teacher Without A Classroom) brings a new episode of ThinkingEDU with a discussion of the all-important issue of digital literacy and how it relates to what happens in/out of our classrooms.

Show Notes:

Intro Song: Trailer for Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Ending Song: Meatloaf “Two of Three Out of Three”


Middle School Is Worse Than Meatloaf by Jennifer Holm
Don’t Let The Pigeon Run This App

About 22 minutes and change

ThinkingEDU 6: Bad Teacher or Bad Marketing? Finding Your Teacher Voice

Merianna Neely thinks about podcasting, thinking, bad teaching, bad marketing, good promotions and what it means to be a teacher in the new millenium.


Bad Teacher

Intro Song: Teacher Teacher by Edwin Phillips
Closing Song: Vertical Horizon Finding Me

About 20 mins and change.