ThinkingDaily is a daily devotional and deep exploration of a topic or theme with Thinking.FM founder Sam Harrelson usually relating to marketing, religion, science, business, archaeology, science fiction, Dura Europos, market economies, technology, or a combination of all the above.

Episode 29: The Future of Affiliate Marketing and Glamping with Lisa Picarille

Episode 28: Having the Courage to Make the Leap

Episode 27: You Won’t Believe What This Marketing Professional Says to Small Businesses

Episode 26: Marketing After the Web is Dead

Episode 25: Being a Divorced Dad

Episode 24: Don’t Do Branding

Episode 23: So There

Episode 22: Choices

Episode 21: Outsourcing

Episode 20: I Will Solve Your Problem

Episode 19: Time the Revelator

Episode 18: Secret beta episode

Episode 17: Beta Relaunch 2014 Style

Episode 16: Scale or Go Home?

Episode 15: (Secret B Side Episode… shhhh)

Episode 14: All Things to All People?

Episode 13: Time Management

Episode 12: Regrets

Episode 11: I Know Me Some Ugly

Episode 10: Head Full of Doubt

Episode 9: I Am a Breathing Time Machine

Episode 8: 11111

Episode 7: Time Changes Everything

Episode 6: My Favorite Things

Episode 5: A Play in the Life

Episode 4: My Inspired Life

Episode 3: The Yellow Briefcase

Episode 2: Living Out Loud

Episode 1: Get Back